Sonnalli Seygall shares 5-minute yoga routine for tight hips

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to many health issues such as obesity, joint issues, and spine problems, among others. Additionally, it can also lead to hip mobility issues or tight hips. As such, actor Sonnalli Seygall, who is a fitness enthusiast, took to Instagram to share some easy-to-do hip mobility yoga stretches. “These asanas really help me open my hips out, protect me from injuries and keep me flexible,” she captioned the post.

Stating the benefits of doing hip opening exercises, Dr Prashant Mistry, a physiotherapist, earlier told, “Hip openers tend to be both veritably grueling, but also veritably loved in a yoga practice.” He added that hip mobility yoga poses can help in “reducing stress and supporting the lower back.”

Have a look at the poses!