Academic Levels Of Preschool Jakarta With International Standard

Academic Levels Of Preschool Jakarta With International Standard

Academic levels or programs in preschool might be seen as not a pretty vital consideration. All because the learning is not pretty intense. But when it comes to the best international standard for preschool Jakarta, academic programs in the school can serve a huge role in students’ development. Take the example of Global Sevilla, the school has five different programs to offer. 

The education program in Preschool Global Sevilla 

1. Kindergarten 2

Being the highest degree of the preschool program, kindergarten is where the student prepares for higher education (primary school). With that, education mostly focuses on developing complex skills. Students are encouraged to optimize motor abilities learning and use their logical thinking, and problem-solving learning.  

2. Kindergarten 1 

At this age, students are old enough to develop or focus on motor development. Some learning with games, sports, and songs allows students to be more receptive or active in class. It also comes with some extra personal abilities development, such as the increasing difficulty and complexity of activities together with friends.  

3. Nursery Or Preschool 

Global Sevilla understands the role of the preschool Jakarta is not only to push students in their academic outcomes but also in personal development. Since then, the preschool or nursery class has focused on guiding the students to grow their self-awareness and confidence. Students learn through various fun variables, including playing games, songs, or rhymes to also improve speaking and listening skills. 

4. Pre Nursery 

Being a young child makes every pupil has higher curiosity rates. It is also known that children at the age of 2.5 to 3.5 are at the peak of learning and doing ability. Because of that reason, global Sevilla tailors its learning with sensory fun, crafting activities, and simple art. The idea aids the student to develop motor activities and several simple learning in the process. 

5. Toddler 

At the youngest phase of education-worthy age, students have limited ability to focus and learn. However, that does not mean children cannot learn anything. The preschool Jakarta uses its method of learning with shapes, colors, basic skills, simple counting, and much fundamental education with more entertainment plus fun manners. 

You can see that Global Sevilla has solid reasoning for providing the five different school programs for their students. They are mainly grouped by age, which highlights that every child has diverse capabilities depending on their age. It also means creating focus and better education. That is enough reason to choose global Sevilla. Don’t miss the opportunity for the best young learner education.